Monday, 13 February 2012

Half Way...

Bonjourno! Ahhhhhh, Oui Oui!

I am back! Sorry for the absence. I've been unwell! (Sad face) but I am better now (HAPPY FACE). Yes, I spent much of last week tucked up in Bedfordshire feeling poorly and covered in snot! Well, not really covered in snot, apologies for the analogy, it wasn't quite a scene from Ghost Busters, but I did produce a lot of the stuff, close to 5 bin liners full I should imagine. It wasn't very nice. But, like I have said I am MUCH better now and I am so glad the lergy slapped me in the face when it did rather than this week as myself, Tristan and my soon to be sister-in-law Helen of Glanville are heading off to NYC to see my brother on Wednesday eve and it would have been such a cow-bag if I went feeling like that. Especially with the air con on the plane! YUK! And I'm so prone to nose bleeds lately! It would have been a nose fluid disaster! Awwww, I cant wait to see my big brother and give him a massive hug! I'm so proud of him.
Big Bro James, Me and Helen of Glanville...5 Years ago!!!

Sooooo Tristan returned home on Thursday after 5.5 very looong weeks away! I was very glad to see him and he me I think! :) We had our 20 week scan on Friday people! Yaaay! HALF WAY! And I can tell you that baby Sprout is developing beautifully! At 15cm in length we could see Sprout in detail and really enjoyed looking at our little babba. We got some fab pictures too! We do have to go back in 2 weeks as the little squirt had its arms crossed over its chest meaning the sonographer (Haha, I almost put scenographer!) couldn't get a good look at the heart, so they have to take another look when Sprout has decided to move to another position! Cheeky little thing, they made me get up and jump around and everything, alas to no avail. To be fair, we don't really mind as it means we get to check Sprout out on the screen again. One thing I do know, is that we've got ourselves a bit of a wriggler...

I am going to upload some pics tomorrow, I know its taking some time but the camera is finally charged, we just have to clear the memory card which shouldn't take long. I promise that tomorrow you will be able to view 'The Bump!'. I would have been more organised tonight and uploaded some on, but an event occurred which set me back slightly.

BIG Whale! 
 I had my first pissy hissy fit tonight you see. I got home from work desperate to try on my new shoes which i ordered from the Dune sell, and boy are they nice. I got them for New York. So, there i was in the bedroom in front of the large mirror slipping on my new shoes (which fit like a glove) when it suddenly happened. Tristan came up to see me and out of nowhere and quite startlingly my inner psycho bitch decided to join us for a catch up. I think i took one look at my legs and declined into a state of temporary depression at which time the vocal self abuse began, after huffing and puffing quite extremely and calling myself a beached whale Tristan came to comfort me and said i was being silly to which i responded 'A SEAL THEN!'...despite his efforts and back rubbing, i stood up and shuffled away from my darling husband to the bathroom dragging my feet with me...still wearing my fabulous new shoes i might add, where i continued to run a bath with extra bubbles... I'm not proud of this behavior and on reflection i had honestly believed that my inner 5 year old had packed her bags and left at least...3 years ago. However, it seems she still resides within me and tonight was the night she popped up for a visit. No doubt she will be visiting again one day in the near future as my hormones continue to run circles around me, and when she does, i shall just have to remind myself, as i have done tonight, that i am no beach whale, or seal, or big fat Mr Blobby. I am indeed pregnant and blessed to have a gorgeous little life growing inside of my belly which i am so crazily overwhelmed and delighted with that becoming a bit squidgier around the edges really is a tiny price to pay, of course. It goes without saying. AND, at the end of the day...I have a FABULOUS new pair of shoes! HELL YEAH!
My lovely new shoes...Hubba Hubba! 

Oh, by the way! If you Google 'Beached Whale' some pretty dodgy pictures come up! I would avoid it if i was you!

My Bible! Amen! 
This is interesting...I've just opened my pregnancy book to 20 weeks and 4 days which is exactly where i am today and one of the sub headings says...'I cant look in the mirror as I'm feeling so down about my size. Will things get better?'...HA I guess it must just be a 20 week and 4 day thing then! Who knew these books could be so specific! :) Actually, this has happened several times with my pregnancy book, often i have felt a certain way or have experienced a new feeling or emotion, thought or worry and opened my book to find the explanation and advice staring me right in the face. Therefore i would highly recommend this book, its a day by day pregnancy book and has been full of so much helpful information. If you are pregnant and or thinking about getting pregnant and could do with a good reference book, have a look at this one its called 'The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book.' What i especially like is that it speaks directly to the mother and the father, so it really thinks about everyone concerned. And if you are anything like me, it really shares a day to day response so if this pregnancy thing is all a bit new, nothing gets left uncovered. Even when i started getting nose bleeds, i was able to look it up and understand the changes in my body that were making them happen. I bought my copy in W H Smiths before i fell pregnant and its been my bible.

And no, actually, I'm not being paid by the publishers to sell this book...But maybe i should be!


  1. Firstly, I am extremely jealous that you're going to NYC jammy bastards.
    Secondly, Holly if you were 20 stone heavier and in a beached whale costume, you wouldnt look like a beached whale!
    And thirdly, those shoots (shoe-boots) are well nice!

    I want to see your bump photos!! xxxxx

  2. It's my hormones Dora!!! I can't help it! They make me act all funny like a crazy donkey person!

    I know! The Shoots (I like this shoots BTW) are so nice, I love them. Such a perfect fit! They will do well in The Big Apple! I will get you a present, so dont feel so bad.

    I will take some bumpy pictures tonight. x

  3. Hormones doing loop-de-loop is par for the course sweetness and is all very worthwhile. AND you look wonderful in your piccies.