Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday 1st Feb...


Soooo, its Wednesday Feb 1st at precisely 14:48 in the afternoon...Obvs, 14:48 is the afternoon! DUH HOLLY! And i am not at work today! I had a bad night last night, i just couldn't get to sleep and had a thrashing I decided to stay home and try to get some rest, although i still haven't had any kip. I think i will try and have a snooze after i have written this. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just a bit tired is all and fed up with my head hurting. I spose its going to happen from time to time as my hormones must be going WILD! Its like a whole hormone party going on inside there and my brain is going WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO PARTY ON! And I'm like going...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP IT, THAT HURTS...and my body is going  WOOOOOAAAAAAAHH MAN! WHATS GOING ON...and I'm like I CANT SLEEP! So yeah! That's pretty much what it feels like! :) I'm not complaining though, its all in the line of duty.
In case you are unable to read my fine handwriting...the words in the picture say 'There's an unwanted party in my head!!!'.

STILL no fresh bump pics for you today i am afraid, camera charger still lost up in the attic somewhere and i cant find the usb cable that came with my phone! SOooooo, it will have to wait until Saturday. I know a few of you have been asking to see how the bump is doing, and i can confirm that it has grown significantly! I went to see the midwife yesterday and she said it is exactly how it should be! SO thats good! Its not growing out of my head or anything so thats a relief. Sprout must have moved right to the back as i didnt feel him/her for a few days which was slightly unnerving. I guess when you get used to feeling it and then you feel nothing you kind of miss it, so i admit, i missed the fluttery feelings. After hearing the heartbeat yesterday and what was apparantly the sound of sprout kicking it was clear that everything was as it should be and healthy. I can only assume sprout had gone into hiding for a few days to start his/her combat training which is what the kicking must have all been about. So good on him/her...not long now and i might actually be able to feel them! Bless...I did have visions of sprout inside the womb wearing a sweat band and working out on some sort of baby press bench...rather like Gizmo in 'Gremlins 2'...
Gizmo fights back...Gremlins 2

Not that i think for one minute that Sprout is a gremlin! That's not what i am getting at! That would just be weird!

Anyhoo, what other news do i have?...Well, Tristan my husband will be back in just over a week which will be GRRRREAT! I have missed him so much and it feels like he has been gone for an age. You see, he works offshore as an ROV pilot which stands for (Remotely Operated Vehicles). Basically it is his job to control, maintain and operate the vehicle offshore on rigs and ships which goes down very deep into the sea. Whilst the vehicle is in the water Trist is able to watch the screen and control the vehicle to follow pipes etc to carry out surveys for example. That's what he tells me anyway...for all i know he could be a spy, or a writer for Time Out magazine or even a bigamist! I just don't know! Haha. Na, I'm pretty sure he is an offshore ROV Pilot and he works very hard at what he does! That said, it is time for him to come home now because i miss him lots and lots and Sprout would like to hear daddy's voice...who knows! I might even try and persuade him to sing to bump!

I'm going to keep this short today as my head s hurting too much and i need to get away from this screen, but i hope you are all having a lovely week and i will write very very soon.



  1. I think that your drawing would make an amazing head dress! DO IT! I hope you head party finishes soon. Relaaaaaaaaaaax.. laaa laaaah laaah laa plinky plonky muuuussiiiic. xxxxxxx

  2. I am feeling much better now thank you Dory...I am reeeeeeeelaxed! x