Saturday, 28 January 2012

Just popping in with a boost...or not I should say!

Have you ever tried to eat an orange whole after peeling it? I have, just now in fact and i can confirm, it doesn't really work! You will just make a mess and get sticky fingers. You're much better off eating segment by segment like most normal people.

I thank you.

So, hello friends, and might i say friends from around the globe! I am indeed extremely delighted for having checked out my audience on my blog stats (yes, i can do that) I can see that not only do i have views from the suspected UK, USA, South Africa, Australia and other places around the world where friends and family reside, but also from some very interesting locations...for example Russia! I am very pleased to know that my darling friends and family are reading this blog but that also strangers are too! It makes me want to reach out and talk about something really smart and interesting...Like Cadbury's Boost Chocolate Bars...

Now, often we hear of pregnant women, (i say women because it usually is women who are pregnant, I'm not being sexist), talking about their change in appetite during the 9 month period that they are in the family way. And i have to say, that when i got up this morning i did indeed crave cake! Not just any cake, for the thought of a flapjack or a muffin did not appeal, but a proper piece of carrot cake, or lemon cake you know, proper home mad nanny cake. So, i had the pleasure of going for a beautiful stroll on Saunton Sands Beach with my good friend Emma and her little girl Lauren who is in fact turning 4 tomorrow! CAN I GET A SHOUT OUT FOR LAUREN PLEASE PEOPLE! ITS HER BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Thanks....anyhoo, at the end of this refreshing walk did i decide to indulge in a bit of cake from the shop which sells a variety of hot and cold snacks. However, to my sadness and dismay did i get to the counter, ask what cake they had available only to have my attention drawn to a small rack on the counter holding smartie cookies! I DIDN'T WANT A COOKIE! I WANTED CAKE!!! So, not wishing to make a scene, i settled on a carton of OJ and a Cadbury's boost...not wanting to share any, because i am nice like that, i brought it home and had it after my sandwich and cuppa soup.

 Now, its been a log time since I've bought a chocolate bar because I'm usually a savory girl you see, give me a lump of cheese or an olive any day and I'm yours, rather like a mouse, (although I'm not sure that mice like olives...Ill have to investigate that further!). However, today, this did not suit and something sweet was indeed required instead. NOW in the past if i have ever had a boost i have found them rather sickly and very filling, like I've said, i'm a savory girl. Today however, today was different and I am still sat baffled as to what happened. I opened the boost, i bit into the boost and i swallowed the boost...then, the next thing i know...THE BOOST IS GONE! Within the space of about 12.3 seconds i had eaten the boost and i hadn't even been aware that id done it! In shock and disbelief i studied the wrapper, searching somehow for some kind of answer or clue that might explain to me how on earth I, ME, ONE OF A SAVORY PREFERENCE could have performed such a swift and unexpected devourment of the chocolate bar in question. THEN TO MY HORROR, I discovered that there was a piece of the blue, foil wrapper missing too! It must have stuck to the thick caramel center and without realising it i must have swallowed it with the chocolate coating and fondant center! Oh dear...i have disgraced myself...I'm turning into that lady from that children's story book...

Oh god! What has become of me! Why didn't Trev give me a sign? Some kind of warning? 
That said, it was very nice...i did enjoy it. My only regret is that i didn't buy two of them...and perhaps, if I'm completely honest with you, a couple of those smartie cookies too!

Pregnancy sure does make us do funny things hey! Teehee.

Now, according to the hospital from my 12 week scan i am indeed 18 weeks and 2 days preggers now. According to my book of pregnancy at 18 weeks and 2 days, although i may not feel it yet, my baby may start to have hiccups at this stage. Now, that's fine. I can handle that...but then, as i read on, it says and i quote 'Your babies eyes and ears are now in their final position of his face. The ears have moved up from the jaw line and the eyes have moved up from the side of the head to lie closer together, looking forward. being the immature person that i am, i started to laugh when i read this. I decided to draw a picture...
This is sort of what was going through my head...however, I'm not the worlds greatest artist...but you get the gist. Tis verra funny! 

Haha....Oh...too much time, tooooo much time. I would like to have wrapped this post up with some picture taken by myself, however, i cannot find the dear camera charger which i suspect has accidentally been put in the attic by accident by darling hubby. However, when it is finally charge i shall send you some pics of sprouts bump which has popped out this week quite significantly...and will also start sharing with you some bits and pieces that i am collecting for the nursery! Happy days.

For now...I'm going for a nap! And then possibly a nice hot bubble bath. Until next time though my furry friends. Be nice to one another, and good. And remember now, if you cant be good, be careful!


  1. On further observation I must say, that baby looks like a descendant of Mr Blobby...just without the blobs! Perhaps its not such a bad drawing after all. Mr Blobby was most popular back in the 90's. Noel Edmund's wouldn't be where he is today without him!

  2. Hello Mrs Chocolate Chops - I think you must consider *STOCK* otherwise there may be a situation that you feel like something sweet and it is not in the house. This WILL MEAN journeys taken into the night!!!

    Yikes, you're nearly half way - that time has flown xxx

  3. I hope to the sweet lord in the highest of heavens that your unborn child does not look like is hell freaky! ...and utterly hilarious!! xxxxx

  4. Awww, but at least it looks like a happy baby Dora!

    And Susie, usually i crave baby plum tomatoes, grapes and oranges...i have been keeping a BIG stock of those. But you are right i suppose, i should think about gathering some more essentials.

    Watching Harry Hill on TV Burp...that's giving sprout and me some laughs! OH ha ha ha ha...