Friday, 20 January 2012

NEW CLOTHES! Yaaaaaay!

Soooooo, you know how i said that Barnstaple was just RUBBISH for buying maternity clothes! (Actually, come to think of it, Barnstaple is particularly rubbish for buying any clothes unless you are smelly and over 80.) Well, my dear friend Dora Hobb Nobb kindly went on a little spree for me in Bath on Monday and did ever such a wonderful job in the sales. Take a look at this beautiful range of garments...
I really love my new dresses! And my first pair of maternity jeans! 
What we have here is a range of designer labels...
I believe this was Dora's most favourite purchase...

Close up you can see the pretty leaf printing in several  pretty colours. Overlapping and complimenting eachother on top of the black background. This dress is perfect worn with a pink, orange or blue cardigan, cashmere preferably, and a pair of classic 50's peep toe heels. Possibly out to dinner or a family occasion such as a christening or a bbq. 
As you can see, adding movement to this dress shows off its many layers and  flowing qualities. Perfect for a springtime stroll or riverside picnic. 

A floral pattern to go alongside the maternal nature of the average pregnant lady in all her hormonal glory. 

So ja, i feel pretty lucky and more than pleased with my new wardrobe. I think you owe yourself a pat on the back Hobbs, you did well by me you really did. I have to say addressing me as Mrs Holly Bransby Feather-bottom on the parcel would have been amusing had i of actually been in to receive it on Wednesday! The fact that i had to have it re-directed to my place of work was slightly embarrassing, especially as it had to be signed for!...You little jester you Dora!

SPROUT UPDATE: Little Sprout and I have had a good couple of days, i think he/she must be having some sort of growing spurt as i have been ever so tired. I had to leave work early yesterday just so i could sleep. I think i was home at 3pm which confused the cat immensely. Honestly, i walked in and he was there looking at me like i shouldn't be here! Cheeky sod. Anyway, that's not for here. I have also been eating a lot of yogurts this week which has been nice, i seem to have to have a Muller Light for desert every night or i am simply not satisfied. Cherry and Strawberry are my favourite flavours. However, tonight i did purchase a mango and passion-fruit one which i have never tried before...i will let you know how i get on with that. 

Other than that i don't have much to report. Its still 3 weeks until Tristan returns home from Angola and it feels like he has been gone for a lifetime. I just fear he wont recognise me when he returns home....or at least my fat arse anyway! Hahahaha...Ok, so its not that fat...not yet anyway! And i do have some lovely new dresses to cover it up! So EVERYONE'S A WINNER!


  1. Glad you like the purchases! You'll look fabulous in all of them darling! And like I said, I was just getting you back for all of the letters and parcels and flowers addressed to 'Miss Dora Hobb Nobb'..!xx

  2. WOW - Dora did an excellent job....all very lovely. Ha ha love the parcel bit xxx