Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Twins, Milk, Shopping and a Church...

I had the most vivid dreams last night! Teeeheeee, my goodness, so vivid! I was so glad when i woke up to find out that they were all in my head and not actually happening for real. I didn't bother looking them up either because they were very obviously closely related to my being up the duffer. But my goodness, it was like a farce, it really was! It was ever so funny, i mean, if it had been a scene in a film i would have been cringing and laughing all at once...it really was looney!...Shall i just tell you what happened? YES! Ok then.

So it all started when i walked into this room which was all soft, almost like something out of the old soft mint adverts where everything was sort of pillow like. And a family member (i cant remember who), came up to me and handed me my twins! I had obviously just had twins unbeknownst to myself! Rather than being overjoyed i was slightly alarmed! Which i should point out now isn't a reflection on how i feel, i don't feel alarmed in the slightest in real life. However, in the dream i was alarmed, possibly because in true dream like fashion i hadn't actually given birth, the babies just appeared and got handed to me like a stork had just dropped them down the chimney whilst passing by! And hey presto, i'm suddenly a mother of two!
 I observed whilst still slightly shocked that one of the babies had dark hair which clung to his head which, by the way, was a really odd shape! I do believe i pulled some sort of face, poor thing, and then i glanced to my left arm which held the second twin and this one had fluffy blonde hair and was sleeping. Still confused, i handed the babies to a passer by, whom it was i could not tell you and that's when the panic started to sink in! I HADN'T BEEN SHOPPING FOR THE BABIES! Scrambling around on the bouncy carpet in this marshmallow of a room i desperately tried to find a piece of paper and a pen so that i could write a shopping list of things that i would need for the babies. It seemed to really upset me that i hadn't been to the supermarket to buy nappies, a baby bath, cotton wool etc etc. At this point my mum appears in the room and listens as i shout my list out to  her and she quite unhelpfully just nodded her head!

SO the next thing i know i'm ready to leave the room to go shopping for essentials when, and this is the embarrassing part, i started to produce milk! But in true slapstick, almost Tarantino style the milk just started to squirt everywhere like i was holding two hose pipes up to my chest! I say Tarantino because it was just like that scene in Kill Bill where everybody fights and blood squirts everywhere, but instead it was milk...and people weren't getting killed. It was a disaster. The babies were crying and i was upset and everyone looked disappointed! Can you imagine! Milk everywhere! THEN i magically appeared at the entrance to the supermarket with my trolley alongside my Aunty Pamela who was supposed to help me buy all the things on the list! However, the milk was still spraying and for some reason i started to run, and it all turned into an episode of supermarket sweep as i ran frantically between the aisles throwing cotton buds, nappies, wipes and anything baby related into my trolley so that i could get back to the babies before anything else horrible could happen. Aunty Pam was of no use, as i ran around flapping like a distressed seagull looking for things she seemed to stay put in the crisp aisle and i simply couldn't find the baby baths! Nightmare! All of this happening with the milk spluttering out on the shop floor so all the customers were falling over! Dear oh dear oh dear!

Eventually, the milk stopped, i had my shopping sorted and i appeared back at the room where i was greeted by the majority of my family who were calm and happy and smiling (I left Pam, however, back at the store staring at the crisps!). Tristan was there holding the twins and he handed one to me...then we all walked through a door on the side of the room which opened up into a pretty little church with big windows letting in masses of sunshine. There were lots of pretty pews made out of wood and everything was very white and holy. Standing at the back of the church, we all started to sing hymns, some of which had words which i recognise now as modern day pop songs sung in a more choir like fashion!... and that my dear friends was when the dream ended...


  1. That was an immense dream! especially as you did a supermarket sweep type thing! amazing!xx

  2. Totally! Despite all the distress, it was cool running around with the trolley. Its a shame Dale wasn't there.

  3. That is a very vivid dream Holly and lots of *truths* in the fact of getting everything together.