Monday, 23 January 2012

Who's a dipstick???...I AM!

A very sweet Hamster! Doing what appears to be Hamster style sit ups! 
Soooooo, to many of you who know me, work with me, spend time with me socially, you know that i am a bit of a ditz, even at the best of times. This isn't deliberate, I don't do it for attention, it just seems to happen. I have always been happier living life and going about my days in a bit of a dream world imagining things rather than really taking whats in front of my face for granted. Sometimes this works well, other times it doesn't! Many a time have I been told to 'grow up' or to 'get a grip' but its hard you know! Haha. But boy oh boy, the last week or so I have been such a dipstick! I'm seriously losing the plot! I just cant seem to switch on! The other day  my friend and colleague spent 5 minutes telling me how her little girl wanted a hamster for a pet, and when she finished talking i said 'I know! Why don't you get a hamster?!' And that is just an example of what people are having to put up with! it must be very annoying!

A beautiful Humming Bird...unlike myself. 
Another thing that I've noticed is that I'm finding things funny which, really, aren't that funny at all! I do seem to be laughing rather a lot and giggling at things. Particularly the cat! He only has to look at me and I'm off with the giggles. Poor things going to get a complex! Yip, its hard to irritate me at the moment, and if you do ill probably just come straight and tell you! ( And that's another thing! Honesty! I'm probably as blunt as I ever have been at the moment!) Its certainly a rarity for me to be skipping around the office at work, but I have been and it feels good to be HONEST! :) AND TODAY I was humming all day! Not even a tune,  just couldn't seem to stop making noises...again, to passers by or people sat near to me, this must have been REALLY annoying! Just little sounds coming out of my mouth whenever i moved! 'Doo be doo....Pause...cachow de da la ba boooo.'! I mean! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Haha...I go to put something in the bin 'Doo fa la teeee pa pa balooo'. I go to get some water 'Bow wow, ma ma ha la dee'. I go to the loo...'Skip eeeee, za za pachang!'. Its almost like looking at fighting words in an old Batman comic...'POW WOW! KAZAAAAAM! SMACK!'. Well, almost.

So, I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am feeling really happy! The dopiness, and the light hearted attitude has got be due to the fact that I'm not taking anything too seriously and really, life is good.

This is me in 4 months.
ALSO! I have been going on about wanting to go to Derbyshire for aaaaaages! I have had this desire to go away and pretend to be like Elizabeth Bennett in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! (please note that I specifically stated the BBC version, the one with Colin Firth and NOT the one with Keira Knightly! That's very important!) And well, last week I decided that there was nothing stopping me, I just needed to make it happen! It didn't take much persuasion to get Dora to come with me, and together we have managed to find a cheap B&B which we booked today! BARGAIN it was, a 3 night trip for £90 each! BARGAINOUS! The idea behind this (as well as re-inventing Elizabeth B) is to get some good old fresh air and exercise before I get to Hippo stage. We are heading off on this little adventure when I will be 6 months pregnant. Meaning I should still be able to walk a bit and wont quite be waddling completely! And by waddling, I mean, like a duck! because I am aware that this will happen! Sometimes when I am walking up the stairs at work I feel like I am waddling and im not even half way I am fully repared to waddle! I have wanted to visit the Peak District for many years, and when Sprout comes along, walking trips just wont be as simple as they are now for at least a couple of years, so its time to do it! I CAN'T WAIT!
A happy duck out having a waddle.

I am 17 weeks and 4 days today! This means there are still 157 days to go and according to my Pregnancy book, my husband should be sending me flowers any day now...haha, ok! So it doesn't really say that! But it DOES say that My baby's complex lung development is continuing. And that I must be aware of hyper-extending (WHAT???)...uh...OK, so I must try to keep my hips in a neutral position and must try not to move my hips to one side!...Hmmmmm, that's gonna make walking hard! I must keep all movements slow and I must relax! SO basically, what my book is telling me is that at this stage of my pregnancy, I cannot swing my hips, I cannot over reach and I have to be slow! I KNOW, ILL JUST TURN MYSELF INTO A FLIPPIN SNAIL SHALL I!!!??? Because, as we all know, snails are odd creatures, and I have been acting odd. And snails are slow...and don't have arms to reach! SO maybe I should just do that! Ill become a snail!
Snails are odd creatures...


  1. You got baby brain! Cannot wait for our trip! xxx

  2. Definitely, as Dora says *Baby Brain* - how wonderful.

    I shall be expecting some great acting from the two of you and also some kind of documentary. It has been a while x

    Oh! And I like Hippo's